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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why won't the decoy work?

Answer: You must first play a sound file to link the transmitter to the receiver to initiate the game call system. This only needs to be done once after the unit has been turned on. After you play a file, you can pause the file and then turn the decoy on/off as you wish.

Question:  How do I load sound files on the USB Flash drive?

Answer:  It is as simple as plugging the USB drive into your computer(PC or MAC) and copying the files into one of the ten folders on the flash drive. The files must be numbered 000-099, and there must be exactly 100 files on the flash drive with no duplicate numbers. Example: 067BluejayDistress1.mp3


Question:  What is the warranty on your Digital Game Calls?

Answer:  There is a one year warranty from the date of purchase and our full warranty is listed in the manual on the last page. You can download the manual for free for all of the details.


Question:  The unit turns on and I have a solid green light on the receiver, why can't I play a sound file?

Answer:  Check the channel that the remote is programmed to. You can do this by pressing the blue FN button and then the 0 button, the 5 key should have a red LED illuminated as programmed in the factory. If this is not the case press and hold the 5 key at this time to change the channel and now the remote should work with the receiver.