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Kanati Tek Product Testimonials



I was shocked at the ease of use and the durability of the unit, here in Michigan we have rough winters.  Your caller seasoned this environment with ease. The sound quality of your callers is, i have to say amazing.  My friends have big money, big name e calls and when put up against my Kanati Tek they where embarrassed by how bad theres sounded.  It literally takes only a few seconds to add, change, and rearrange sounds.         This is one awesome caller!
                                                                                         Ed    (Michigan)


I wanted to let you know that the sound file management system integrated into your line of callers is the best!

I used to own a popular name brand caller that had a system to manage their sound files that was simply too complicated for me to bother with or understand. With your system, it is a snap to upload sounds or create files for your File Folder Repeat Sequence.

In my opinion, now I have an e-call that is at the cutting edge of the latest technology, but is simple enough for me to understand and manage the sounds in order to create a true 'custom caller' for myself!

                                                                                                                    Tim B. (Kansas)


 Kanati Tek e-callers have exceeded my expectations. The sound quality, weight, ease of use, and volume are all superb. Do yourself a favor, and buy a Kanati Tek game call. Take the extra $100 that you would have spent on a competitor's system and spend it on ammo-you're gonna need it.


Eric in WA


 Kanati Tek Game calls has combined superior engineering with an easy to use call. This call has ear shattering sound that is both clear and crisp. I was amazed at how easy it was to change sounds with the new USB system. This unit is as rugged as the terrain that we hunt.


Brian Downs

The Predator Hunting Talkcast


Kanati Tek game calls have all the high tech features but, is as simple to operate as a toaster. If you can make toast then you can operate the highest functioning call on the market, Kanati Tek.